Nova Scotia Summer

Ventus is on the hard in Connecticut, and I’ve been on a coast-to-coast road trip since November. Wanting to return to Nova Scotia in the summer, I wasn’t ready to sail far enough south to stay on the boat. (Click title to read more.)

Farthest Point North

I’ve turned around and begun heading back to the USA from my farthest point north… Halifax, Nova Scotia! (Click the title above to read more.)

Back in the USA

After fours months living almost entirely at anchor, with hit-or-miss access to water and groceries, and my connection to land being my dinghy, it was a little surreal to step off the boat and hop into an Uber to grab dinner. But very convenient. (Click title to continue reading.)

Bahamas Look Back...

Hatchet Bay, in the Eleuthra chain of islands, was a pond, mostly cut off from the ocean until a skinny cut was blasted into the cliffs to provide an entrance for boats. (Click title to continue reading.)

Year one, so far...

Although I first met my boat in Annapolis, MD, we completed the purchase in Rhode Island, so that seems a good place to begin this story.